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How to choose the most suitable guitar paddle?

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First you should choose three kinds of paddles:
1. Sweep: if you like to sweep on a wooden guitar, you should use a lighter paddle. 0.46 is a more popular specification.
2. Chord decomposition: you should use thicker paddles, the specifications are about 0.55 or 0.73. These specifications are suitable for beginners. Because the decomposition chord only plays one chord at a time and the sweeping chord will play six strings at a time, so the sound of the former will be lighter, so when playing with thicker paddles, the volume will increase correspondingly.
At the same time, a thicker paddle will make it easier for you to dial the right string. This is because although the thin paddle is good when sweeping the string, it will deform when playing, making it more difficult to control when decomposing the chord, so you are more likely to play the wrong string.
3. For electric guitars (rock, jazz, metal): a thicker paddle is a better choice for guitarists who play riff on a single string (like Led Zeppelin or Metallica) or who play fast jazz. But not too thick, 0.9 to 1.1 is OK.
The choice of the thickness of folk guitar pick
There are many thickness of the paddle, such as 0.46mm, 0.50mm, 0.60mm or even 2.16mm. Different thickness of the paddle has different application occasions. When playing, the voice color is also different.
When sweeping the strings of folk guitar, it needs a series of clear and sharp sounds, but the sense of grain is not too strong, so it needs a paddle to "stick" the strings. So when we choose the paddle, we can buy the thinnest paddle to sweep the strings of the folk guitar, usually the thickness is between 0.45mm and 0.85mm.
When playing chord decomposition on folk guitar, we need to choose to buy a paddle of medium thickness because chord decomposition requires a stronger sense of grain, flexibility and continuity of tone. Here, we recommend you to buy a paddle of 0.75mm ~ 1.2mm in thickness.
Selection of the thickness of the electric guitar paddle
For electric guitars, the thickness of the paddle is much thicker than that of folk guitars. In daily practice, it is recommended to use a paddle with a thickness between 0.85mm and 3.15mm in the small edition of the lecture network. If it is a chord sweep or a chord decomposition, it may be relatively thin. Play a scale or heavy metal solo. It is recommended to buy a paddle with a thickness of 1.6mm and over 1.6mm in the small edition.
If you are experienced enough to control thick paddles, you can try Dunlop Jazz III XL. Before I use this kind of paddle, I will use all kinds of other paddles, but I don't particularly like which one, because they are not easy to use. When I sweat on the stage, they will slip away from me. I remember clearly that once my paddle ran to someone's drink The material is gone.
In a word, Dunlop Jazz III XL is about 1.38mm thick. It's good for playing sound and hand feeling. Even if your hand is sweating, you can hold it tightly.


Company name: Zhenjiang genius musical instrument Co., Ltd.
Tel: 0511-83754062 83754072
Mobile: 15805281279
Fax: 0511-83754072
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